Cyberpunk 2077 Ray Reconstruction and Frame Gen don't work on Linux on a RTX 4090

i updated everything and use the 535.104.05 nvidia drivers and newest proton with dxr and NVAPI=1 on but both settings don’t work and when changing DLSS settings will cyberpunk just drop every kind of denoising which makes a very noise image

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I found out that ray reconstruction does work. You need to set an enviroment variable DXVK_NVAPI_DRIVER_VERSION=53742 for it to work for now as the windows driver has a higher version number and CP2077 tests for that. I tested in CP2077 and RayRecon does indeed show up as an option and does appear to work. Tested with Proton Experimental as with Proton8 froze at the save loading screen eating vram and ram.

No idea if/when FG will get implemented. Not really insterested myself as I have a 60hz display. FG is best for 120+ hz displays from what I’ve heard.

Ray Reconstruction it didn’t work quiete right with proton ge 8-16, i got a lot of artifacts like a blackscreen with green and red highligts and with it turned on or off with the option does just reduce my fps down to 6fps from like around 80fps and Cyberpunk then didn’t want to close aswell as my desktop KDE did crash alongside with Xwayland and Wayland session. but the setting.

with Proton Experimental does it just work wich is great but Frame Gen isn’t working which Nvidia would have to fix, i have a 144hz monitor and with automatic DLSS setting do i just get around 60-70 in the city and 100 outside…

I used the RayRecon and on my system for a while and I get a few (7 or so) fps more, but it is really noisy. It does not look good. It is really noticeable in faces, but also buildings and such look artifacty and not solid and walls will have waves in them.

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