Dgx station blank screen after unclean shutdown

Hello I have a latest dgx station a100 and due to power cut off the system shutdown uncleanly and is now stuck at blank screen after the grub menu for os selection i am not able to logon using ctrl + alt + fn keys
below is the screen when i try to boot it in recovery mode.
pls help

That seems not good at all @ayushchatur ! :-) Odd if never gets you to a login prompt.

Can you open a support ticket with NVIDIA Enterprise Support, so they can help get you going again? (About the DGX User Forum / Note: this is not NVIDIA Enterprise Support for how to do that, if you’ve never opened a ticket before).


So i managed to DGX OS iso and flashed the OS with it is still giving me flash screen however there is some progress now i am given the message:
please reboot your system or restart GNOME display manager service
and using ctrl + alt + f3 i am given the CLI login prompt but none of my accounts work ( that is obvious because i flahsed the OS with raid as well )
i was wondering what will be the default username/pwd for a freshly installed dgx os ?

The default username/password should be what you entered during the DGX ISO install. DGX OS 5 User Guide :: DGX Systems Documentation step 4.2 has the information you should have been asked.

Did you get prompted for that information when you flashed with the ISO?

Were you able to open an NVES support ticket?


Thanks scott but i got it working after couple of flashes