Differences between R1 and R2 versions of Jetson TX1 Modules

We have both R1and R2 of TX1 modules. R1 is acquired through a distributor (with serial number ending with “N” ) and R2 came with dev board with serial number ending in “U”.

Both modules are not behaving identical. When connected to I/O translator (TXS0108EPWR) the R2 module’s VIN_PWR_BAD# signal can be driven to 5V. The R1’s VIN_PWR_BAD# on the other hand can only drive TXS0108EPWR to 2.5V. Interestingly when the 4-port IO translator (TXS0104EPWR) is used both R1 and R2 can drive the signal to proper levels.

Based on TXS108EPWR datasheet, it has 40kOhm pull up internal resistors when the output is driving low and 4kOhm pull-up internal resistors when the output is driving high while TXS104EPWR (4-port) has fixed 10K pull-up resistor. It looks like that R1 and R2 have different output driving capabilities.

We would like to know what other differences are between R1 and R2 of TX1 modules in addition to VIN_PWR_BAD# signal driving capability.

Hi NB2, can you please show the screenshot of this part of your schematic for better understanding?

I am also very interested in the differences between the R1, R2 and R4 modules. Does that R number stand for revision? The R1s seem to be much more prone to being damaged than R2s, so I wonder if there was a fix that was done for the R2 modules.

Hi NB2, there is a little bit difference on VIN_PWR_BAD# between R1 and R2, but it has no problem if you well follow OEM DG. As to your design, the IO level shift could cause VIN_PWR_BAD# rising timing mistake and so cause power up sequence halted for its PU strength. Did you try adding a PD (with +3.3V_BP) not PU on OE pin of TXS0108? That can make all pins in Hi-z before +3.3V_BP power up, maybe it can solve this, but anyway, totally following OEM DG is most important.

I have developed a camera application for the TX1, which utilises a USB 3.0 GenICam camera capitalising on Aravis Open source libraries and a standard OpenCV installation

This all works fine on the R1 module, but constantly locks up on the R4 module

What are the major differences in module revisions, as I do not seem to be able to find any documentation which tells me this

Hi martin.gunson,

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