Different Camera Pin Order in HW(4/3/2/1) and SW(0/1/2/3) on P3710 Board

As in Orin Developer Kit Hardware Quick Start Guide, the camera pin order is 4/3/2/1.
While in Online Developer Guide, the camera pin order is 0/1/2/3, which working with nvsipl_camera’s link mask.

I cann’t accept both above order are correct.
IMO, the pin order must be aligned in HW / SW / Doc. If not, some one must be wrong.

So I want to take a poll of this disalignment of pin order to see what’s other’s optioin, but seems the forum doesn’t support poll.

Our P3710 board, no red label:

Dear @Keelung,
I will check internally and update you on correct pin order.

Dear @Keelung,
It seems you have filed same issue in bug# 3997195 .
As clarified in bug,
The LHS picture is the HW pinout, it attaches to the harness
The RHS picture is the SW assignment of each channel for each Camera. The SW Channel and HW connector pin out numbers don’t align, but are correct.

Dear @Keelung,

I am not sure why color tag is different for you. For clarification on camera port usage, It looks like below shared picture and matches red color box in image and color order of camera are Green(pin1), Red(pin2), Blue(pin3), white(pin4)