Disable shadows for light

Hello, sorry for the stupid question, but I cant find any option to turn off the shadows per light. Is it possible?

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I also have this question. I also want to turn off the shadows per light.

According the Create manual, this is possible with light & shadow linking.


It works only in PT mode.
You need to use USD Collection Extension
with the linking funcitions:

I hope you can study from here on?

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Nvidia specialist please help us.
I try to study the Light linking feature, but I cannot even make the collection. See:

I have all 3 collection extensions active, they were on by default.

It won’t work in the Rtx realtime render, sadly. I hope this will be possible one day.


Hello @Aqualonix! I asked the team for the latest information regarding this feature. I’ll post back here when I hear back from them!

Indeed you can do so by using the light’s Light Linking parameters, but it is not yet supported in RTX - Real-Time. It is in our planning.


Some refresh bug fixes are coming in a new release as well.

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