DisplayPort doesn't work in Jetson Nano with JetPack 4.6 by default setup


With JetPack 4.6, HDMI works fine.
With DP (DisplayPort) doesn’t work.
Monitor is Dell 2719D.

After a while I found the solution.
The fix was to run this command:
xrandr -d :1.0 --output DP-0 --auto

Why it happens and how to fix it automatically on new machines without HDMI?
dmesg is attached (only DP is connected now).
dmesg (95.7 KB)



Does this log already include the result of “xrandr -d :1.0 --output DP-0 --auto”?

Also, do you need “xrandr -d :1.0 --output DP-0 --auto” to make it run or only “xrandr --output DP-0 --auto” is sufficient?

Yes, this log is recorded after executing the command and rebooting a machine. After reboot the operation system automatically fix DP interface.

I didn’t test the second command xrandr --output DP-0 --auto. And I don’t know how to “broke” the DP interface again to check another approach.

Probably, I can restore it to HDMI and check again. But I afraid to lost both of display interfaces on the same time.


Actually, I don’t see any error log from your dmesg. What was the scenario you hit this issue?

You enabled two monitors but only HDMI has the ubuntu desktop?

And just another question. The effect of “xrandr” may only take one time. Which means if you reboot the device, then previous error shall happen again. Does this happen to you or not?

The system was initially setup via HDMI cable. This case was working fine.
After a month I changed HDMI to DP and the system didn’t recognize it automatically, so DP was unavailable until I run the command.
After reboot DP is still working.
Probably, If DP were be the first connected cable then the system automatically setup it.

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