DLSS SDK "NVSDK_NGX_Parameter_SuperSampling_Available" returning 0


I’m trying to use DLSS in a custom engine. Everything is working fine, NVSDK_NGX_VULKAN_AllocateParameters(&m_parameter); allocates correctly the parameters. The driver version tests are also ok but when I’m testing
NVSDK_NGX_Result ResultDlssSupported =
m_parameter->Get(NVSDK_NGX_Parameter_SuperSampling_Available, &DLSS_Supported);
it returns 0 for DLSS_Supported but NVSDK_NGX_Result_Success in result.
Any idea ?


Hello @p.baptiste91 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I assume you followed the doc and also filled the m_parameter with data as described with


What Hardware are you using and what is the rest of the system configuration where you are testing this?

I am just trying to gather a bit more data to figure out why the driver might decide that you are unable to run DLSS on your system.


Hi Markus,

I finally found out why it was not working.
It was because I missed some Vulkan device extensions enabled on my side.
Maybe it was not really clear on the documentation side and it can be an improvement on your side ?

Many thanks,