Drive works

from where can i download the driveworks package, we have DrivePX2, but we need to build it in the cross compilation in the host PC and deploy in the HW.

Dear ramakrishna.r,
Please find our latest PDK at You can use SDKmanager to install latest PDK on host PC and flash PX2.

when i go this page i get " Page not Found ". let me know how to proceed.

Dear Ramakrishna,
Could you please check opening again and login using your credentials. There is typo in URL which I corrected

Dear Siva,
thanks , i am able to see the page, is it possible to do this installation in VM or we have any dependency

Dear Ramakrishnan,
You need ubuntu 16.04 Host PC. You can check host system requirements in the same page below the SDKManager installer. Please note you need minimum PASCAL GPU on host PC to run driveworks samples on Host PC.
We do not support VM, However you can try checking to install it. We notice some customers failed to install it on VM(

Dear Siva,
we are able to install the package in linux native