Driver 460.80 freezes Linux system when plug monitor though DisplayPort


I have already suffered this issue since 2 weeks ago and still have not see any solution yet. After one nvidia driver update (or maybe linux system update), my dual monitor PC setup cannot work properly.


  • When I plug in my monitor through DisplayPort, and boot my pc, it will get stuck between the bios page and the linux system.
  • When I plug in my monitor after my pc is already turned on, it will freeze the system.
  • I have already run “sudo apt upgrade” to make sure everything in my pc is up-to-date.


  • Driver version: 460.80
  • GPU: 2060 Super
  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Linux core: 5.4.0-77-generic
  • monitors resolution: two iiyama 2560 * 1440 monitor (HDMI + Display port)

Other description:

  • I am not the only case in my lab, some of my co-workers also suffer this issue. We have similar or same pc hardware in the office, except for one coworker who suffers this problem on his Laptop. They have to downgrade to old driver (450.xx) to solve this problem.
  • I decide not to downgrade because I do not want to mess up my Deep Learning environment (cuda…).
  • I have another setup (same Nvidia driver and Ubuntu version) with GTX1070 + two monitors using DisplayPort, this setup has no such issue.

I appreciate to receive any suggestion, thx in advance!

Ge Li

I have the same problem on my laptop. I will attach my logs.
data (931.7 KB)


I purged the nvidia driver (460.80) and installed the server version of 460.73 and works for me. My Deep Learning stuff also works.

The trick is if you purge 460 and install older version like 440, it will not work. Nvidia forces to install the newest 460 even if I type 440.

All my commands used:

sudo apt purge nvidia-*
sudo apt install nvidia-driver-460-server

Have spent few hours on this shxxt stuff, shame on NVIDIA!!!

Ge Li

I have the same issue with the nvidia driver (460.80). I work on my computer running MSI Geforce 1660 Ti and Ubuntu 20.04. I have two ProLite XB2483HSU monitors. In my old setup one was connected with Displayport, the other HDMI. No issues there.

I switched to using 2x Displayport, but when I connect the second monitor the system freezes (when starting the system or when running Ubuntu, depending on when I plug in the cable.)

I switched to the X Nouveau driver, and the problem disappears. The problem also disappears when running Windows on the machine, so it has to do with the Linux driver.