DSI video output synchronization

Good day!

We are developing an AR kit based on Jetson TX2.

We need to output two separate video streams to two displays, for left and right eye. And those video streams should be synchronized, for health and safety reasons.

For now, we are planning to use Jetson’s DSIx4 to output a 60fps stream of 2560*720 resolution to dedicated FPGA, that will split each superframe in half and then simultaneously emit two frames in parallel RGB24 form. Then we are going to serialize that data and send it to display modules.

But we would like to get rid of FPGA in this design.

Are there any software means to synchronize DSI outputs from Jetson TX2?
Or maybe some hardware options (like TI DS90UB941AS, that is not yet on the market)?


Hi lipado,

You could refer to TX2 TRM -> MIPI-DSI chapter.

Dual dsi is always a problem on TX2 since all usecases are related to left/right synchronization which may need ganged mode.

Currently, our software driver does not support dual dsi usecase. Below thread was similar to your case and it turns out we don’t support.


I remember there was once a forum user has his own driver to drive 2 dsi panel simultaneously but cannot find his thread now.