Emissive materials is broken

Hello. I can’t get the emission to work in the newest Create. If you look through the alembic mesh you can see that the emission works inside the object. Here is the simple alembic file: Dropbox - TableTest.abc - Simplify your life
Create empty scene with default settings and add this alembic file. Assign new OmniPbr or Omnisurface material with emissive enabled. It lights up inside. It wont work properly in the 2022.3. Tested this file in the 2021.3.6 and the emission works perfectly.

Hello @Aqualonix! I’ve sent this information over to the development team to investigate!

@Aqualonix If you reverse the surfaces on that particular mesh, emissive works as expected. I am however noticing a possible regression on loading Alembic files. I’ve filed a bug for that.

Did you reverse it inside the Omniverse? I tried flipping normals in the Houdini and reimporting it in the Omniverse, but the emission still works wrong. Maybe is it the normals issue? But the mesh has the right normals in the origin…

I used a reverse node ( I did recalculate the normals as well) in Houdini, actually. If you have Houdini, I would recommend just exporting to USD. Houdini and Alembic are left handed coordinate systems which doesn’t work as well in Create. I suspect this used to work in Create, because it was incorrect in the past and was fixed at some point. Alembic import should work properly and/or warn you when something is incorrect hence me opening a ticket to look at our importer.

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