Enable promiscuous mode for Mellanox ConnectX-4 LX in Windows server 2019


I was looking for information about how to Enable promiscuous mode for Mellanox ConnectX-4 LX in Windows server 2019 core.

I have a server with Windows Server 2019 core running hyper-v equipped with the ConnectX-4 LX network card that I want to switch to promiscuous mode.

NIC firmware version: 14.30.1004

Windows driver version: 2.60.5100

SR-IOV is enabled in BIOS

I set “Enable MAC address spoofing” in Hyper-v.

In the NIC documentation I had access to, I did not find anything concrete except a reference to VF Spoof Protection and some keys in the registers: VFAllowedTxEtherTypeListEnable.

I tried to enable and disable FAllowedTxEtherTypeListEnable but the NIC did not switch to promiscuous mode.

The other network cards on the server motherboard can be switched to promiscuous mode, but I was unable to switch to promiscuous Mellanox ConnectX-4 LX NIC.

Any advice on activating the promiscuous mode in Windows Server 2019 would be very helpful!

Thanks a lot!

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here are the steps on how to enable Promiscuous Mode on CoonectX-4 & higher Mellanox adapter

  1. Get the adapter name

PS C:> Get-NetAdapter

SLOT 2 Port 2 Mellanox ConnectX-4 Adapter 6 Disconnected E4-1D-2D-E7-0F-77 …s


  1. check the Promiscuous Mode status of the adapter:

# $(Get-NetAdapter -Name “SLOT 2 Port 2”).PromiscuousMode



  1. Open WireShark → Capture Options → Input

Pick up the adapter “Slot 2 Port 2” , “enable Promiscuous mode” on all or the relevant adapter

4.press Strat

5**.# $(Get-NetAdapter -Name “SLOT 2 Port 2”).PromiscuousMode**


Hope this help

Thank you very much for the answer.

Unfortunately I can’t install Wireshark or any other application that uses GUI because the version of Windows Server I use is CORE, without GUI.

The network card is installed on a server running Windows Server 2019 Core with hyper-v virtualization.

One of the virtual machines uses the CARP protocol and for this it absolutely needs the promiscuous mode.

I’m looking for a method by which when booting the network card to be automatically switched to promiscuous mode.