Enter power saver mode

I have been working with jetson agx orin since one month. Suddenly, the device is throwing the error where monitor goes to sleep. Right after turning on, we get the nvidia logo screen and instead of opening linux UI, monitor goes power saver mode. I tried restarting manually but didn’t worked out. Whenever I press Ctrl+Alt+Del it shows the starting nvidia logo screen and fan turns on for 5 sec and again monitor displays “Entering power saver mode”. Also, as the screen reads, pressing Escape button is not opening boot options. Please help!

Could you use serial console log to operate the device and see it is still in booted state?

Honestly, it would be better using the serial console log to tell your story instead of just sharing some symptom. Symptoms won’t really help.

Hi wayne. Thanks for the reply. I do not exactly know how to use a serial console log. Could you please guide me by sharing a resource. What I have understood is to connect it to a PC/laptop and operate it through COM ports. If that is what it means, do I have to install any driver as directly the device is not visible in the COM ports.

So is this how we install the driver for that? I have selected standard manufacturer type and serial model type. Should I proceed by installing driver?

We don’t work on Windows PC. Suggest directly use ubuntu PC to check.

So this is what I get. Am I going in the right direction?

Sorry to ask. Did you see the guidance website I posted in previous comment?

So this is what I got after following the steps mentioned in the resource. Could you mention what should be done furthur?

Do you connect it on type C port or the micro usb port? The log I need is from micro usb port. Type C port only has kernel log which is not able to fully check your issue.

I will connect it to micro usb

Yes I have connected and opened minicom. now it is connected to ttyACM0

Open the console first and reset your jetson. If your setup is correct, there should be some log printed.

If you don’t see any log, try other tools like picocom instead of minicom.

Also, please stop sharing me any of your log with photos… try to attach text log…

Noted. reset in the sense, pressing the reset button in the device?

yes. And if log still not showing up, try other tool instead of minicom.

This log shall show up matter what situation. (unless the board is not powered on or hardware defect)

yes, right after pressing the reset,i got a log.should i send the log?

yes… That is what I am asking for… share me where it got stuck if you cannot boot into system…

I can boot into the system. The problem is only when I connect monitor

Is your monitor a native DP monitor or it is HDMI and you are using converter?

It is a DP port monitor. It was working fine for the past one month. All of a sudden it is throwing this problem.