Error during flashing Jetson TK1

When running Jetpack 2.0 I encounter this error message during the process of flashing the Jetson TK1(when I have put it in the forced recovery mode):

Error: CUDA cannot be installed on device. Please use apt-get command in a terminal to make sure following packages are installed correctly on device before continuing:
cuda-toolkit-7-0 libgomp1 libfreeimage-dev libopenmpi-dev openmpi-bin
After these packages are installed on device, press Enter key to continue

Upon trying to install cuda-toolkit-7-0 I got an error of inability to get the file. I then downloaded cuda-toolkit-7-0_7.0-28_amd64.deb but the system could not get the file. I then downloaded cuda-repo-ubuntu1404-7-0-local_7.0-28_amd64.deb, libfreeimage-dev_3.15.1-1_amd64.deb, libgomp1_4.8.2-19ubuntu1_amd64.deb, libopenmpi-dev_1.6.5-8_amd64.deb and openmpi-bin_1.6.5-8_amd64.deb. I installed them but upon pressing enter as instructed the XTerm could not continue.

I canceled the process and tried reinstalling it but experienced the same problem.

How can I go about this?

Thank you.

CUDA version 7 requires 64-bit. The error makes me believe that the settings for the install are for a TX1 (64-bit) and not the TK1 (32-bit). I do not have an Ubuntu host, so I can’t test, but I believe JetPack will have options for TK1 versus TX1. If you can see options for TK1 versus TX1, pick TK1; if L4T release is adjustable, then TK1 uses R21.4 and TX1 uses R23.1 (both available in the same JetPack). CUDA 6.5 would go onto the TK1.