Error when flashing to emulate different Jetson Orin Configs: Failed Flashing t186ref

I have an AGX Orin developer kit. I’m trying to emulate the different Orin Board configurations. I followed this video One Jetson Orin to Be Them All! - YouTube. I am using an Ubuntu 20.04 VM with Virtual Box to flash the developer kit. The command I am using is

sudo ./ jetson-agx-orin-devkit-as-nx-16gb mmcblk0p1

Can someone help with this error?

after a while, the flash exits with the following error:

please use a real Ubuntu host PC for flashing Jetson devices. We do not support issues related to using virtual machines. Or check this post shared by one of our forum user to see if it helps:

hi @johnson3,

To understand the error, you can install vscode (or other dev tools), scan the scripting directory under /var/opt/nvidia, ~/Downloads/nvidia and search for the error code.

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