Ethernet interface driver missing


I have a problem when trying to setup Internet connection to Xavier.

Certain Ethernet interface (with the MAC address of “10G Ethernet1” on the sticker of the bottom of the Xavier) disappeared after reboot from the “ifconfig -a” list.
It seemed that the driver for this interface is either not loaded or missing.
Can you tell which driver I should load? When is it activated and deactivated?

Thank you.


Could you please refer to “Updating Firmware on 10GbE NIC” in DRIVE™ Software Documentation (ZIP)?

Hallo Steve,

Thank you for your reply.
However, we don’t think this is the root cause.

When we booted the Xavier, this interface reappeared (Without doing anything else).
After we did the update as the instructions with flashUpdate tool and reboot, the interface disappeared again.
It reappeared after another reboot.


Thank you for your update.

  1. What is the PDK version and what is the Aurix FW version?
  2. Could you let me know which interfaces are missing and reappearing with ifconfig -a command?
  1. Flashed EB fw version
    SW Version: DRIVE-V5.0.10_E3550-EB-Aurix-With3LSS-ForHyperion-3.00.07

  2. enp4s0
    Bus ID 0000:04:00.0
    Ethernet controller: Device 1d6a:07b1 (rev 02)


Could you please update PDK and Aurix FW for your platform?

PDK version :
Aurix version : SW Version: DRIVE-V5.0.13-E3550-EB-Aurix-ForHyperion-3.01.05

Please refer to below link.
You can update the SWs via SDK manager tool. Thanks.

Dear SteveNV,

i’m Zichen’s colleague and i tried to update the platform to the version via SDK manager.
Unfortunately update fails when flashing is started at the end. I assume it’s the same problem as discussed here:

Best regards

Dear alexander.frank

Could you please try to re-run SDK manager with the below link guidance?

Dear SteveNV,

i downgraded the kernel to 4.15.0-43 and ran update again via SDK manager, but now flashing fails at round about 2%

2019-02-28 13:40:28.827 - error: 21004 blocks

2019-02-28 13:36:23.317 - error: NV_FLASH_XAVIER_PDKFLASH_B_COMP command ./ -b e3550b03-t194b-es finished with error (882 KB)

Dear alexander.frank

It’s possible that target is not in recovery mode.

Could you try to put target into recovery mode manually and run below command to try:
sudo /home/gafrank/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/DRIVE/Linux/ --uid

2.Use the AURIX serial console to put the board into Recovery mode for flashing.
Please refer to DRIVE OS -> Flashing Customization -> Flashing the Board -> Flashing Using the AURIX Console part in DRIVE™ Software Documentation (ZIP).

Hi SteveNV,

i thought setting target into recovery mode will be done during the update procedure:

2019-02-28 13:40:43.593 - info: Setting Tegra-A in recovery… Done
2019-02-28 13:40:49.133 - info: Setting Tegra-B in recovery… Done

But anyway, i did it mannually before starting SDK manager and could successfully update the target to


Regarding setup enp4s0 for internet connection:
Is enp4s0 interface the Black 1&2 1 Gbps 802.3bp Ethernet Port on front side where the Dual GbE dongle has to be connected?

Dear alexander.frank,

Thank you for your update.

Regarding network configuration, could you please refer to the following link docs?

  1. 3.2.1 HSD Connectors for Ethernet part in DRIVE™ AGX Developer Kit Mechanical & Installation Guide (PDF)

Dear SteveNV,

the HSD connector is connected to the 1 GbE port 1|2 according the Installation Guide, or using the names from second link, to HSD Port J12.

On Xavier A i can see following interfaces:

Where can i find the mapping of interface names to HW prots?

Hi alexander.frank,

Have you managed to resolved this internet connecting issue?
Is this still an issue to support?



yes, we are using another USB ethernet device to connect to internet.

But it would be nice to understand how to use the onboard interfaces to connect to the internet.