Failed to get configuration file from the server


my Jetson SDK Manager fails after login with “failed to get configuration file from the server”. I assume I am blocked because I had a few unsuccessful login attempts: it’s complicated, working from a virtualbox VM, login is solved now.

Ubuntu 20.04 (in virtualbox VM on macbook)
SDK Manager x86_64

My network connectivity is fine btw.

could you please unblock me?

thank you

SDKM does not support VM or VB, please try with native Ubuntu 20.04 host PC.

Nvidia should consider extending their support. As people mentioned already in this forum, not everyone has an Ubuntu 20.04 box waiting at home for the day the Nvidia hardware arrives.

My problem was not related to VM or VB, I think I was simply blocked. But who knows, the answer above did not help to find out what really happened.

It started working again after a few hours and the Xavier is now successfully setup using a Macbook pro VB as host (not supported, I know).

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