Flash Jetson Xavier NX - flash: Error: None of the bootloaders are running on device

Hello, I am trying to flash a Xaiver NX via NVIDIA SDK.

I encounter an error saying as like an attached file around 10% of the process.

Jetson Nano can be flashed using the same host PC and USB cable.

SDKM_logs_JetPack_4.5.1_(rev.1)_Linux_for_Jetson_Xavier_NX_2021-10-02_17-20-16.zip (158.9 KB)

I can check there is ‘Bus 003 Device 087: ID 0955:7e19 NVidia Corp.’ when I use a ‘Bus 003 Device 087: ID 0955:7e19 NVidia Corp.’ command before flashing.

Thank you

  1. Is your host machine a VM?

  2. Do you have other Jetson NX to validate the setup? Please be aware that I am talking about NX, not Nano.

No, I am using just normal Ubuntu 18.04, not VM.

Yes, I have one more NX board although I need to detach it from robot.

Hi kimbring2,

Have you managed to get device flash successfully?
Any result can be shared?

Thank you for checking.

I am waiting until the Jetson NX device will be available for sale at Amazon. It looks not a good idea not to detach the working one from the robot.

I can figure out the problem of not working one after I obtain a new device.

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