Flashing Jetson Orin Nano Problem - always fail Sends error Code 1011

Failure root cause: Failed Component ID: NV_L4T_FLASH_JETSON_LINUX_COMP@JETSON_ORIN_NANO_TARGETS#36.2. Error Code: 1011.


Flashing has failed everytime I attempt on my Jetson Orin Nano. The setup is as follows:

  1. WSL2
  2. Ubuntu 22.04
  3. SDKManager 2.11405

What I observe is that the device seem to get disconnected, and then SDK Manager crashes, then asks you to relaunch.

Here is the log file.
skdmjetson.txt (234.8 KB)


Please either do these two:

Or avoid using WSL2 to flash external devices(USB/NVMe); we will update our document and mention it.

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