Flow in Isaac Sim

While checking Flow extension in Isaac Sim I noticed that the default assets provided like Fire are very large compared to cube of scale 1. How to scale it down?

I have also attached a screenshot depicting this issue.

Yes - the parameters are made for USD Composer, which currently defaults to centimiters unit. These parameters are not automatically scaled to a meters setting, but you can do it manually by changing the emitter sphere, density cell size, gravity and velocity parameters.

Here’s an example with comparable results for a 10cm sphere vs the default 10m sphere
scaled_fire.usd (6.2 KB)


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Thank you for providing an example usd also. will try this out

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Hi Thanks for the reply , was looking for scaled down version of fire, i tried the 10cm smaller fire particle as a source to meshEmitter to a scaled down size(0.02) mesh(Blue_Rugs from nvidia assets tab) , but there is huge FPS drop and visually not appealing as well getting smudged and pixelated effect.

Whereas the 10m bigger fire particle is giving good performance to the default size of the mesh (Blue_Rugs).

Is there any other parameters which can be tweaked to get stable FPS and decent visuals for the smaller 10cm fire particle and scaled down mesh.

mesh asset url : http://omniverse-content-production.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/Assets/ArchVis/Residential/Decor/Rugs/Blue_Rugs.usd

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