Geforce RTX 4070 Ti Standard driver for Windows 10 (1607 LTSB)

We have a pc with Windows 10 1607 LTSB, and for this OS we need the “standard” NVIDIA drivers since the DCH drivers are not compatible with the OS.

For the 4070Ti, there are currently no standard drivers available.

Can anyone comment on how long it typically takes before the standard driver is available?

(Perhaps off topic):
Or alternatively, could we update Windows in any way to allow installation of DCH drivers? (With the side note that this is a PC that is currently being used in a research lab and we preferably don’t reinstall all dependencies and settings for connected measurement devices)

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As far as I can tell NVIDIA discontinued non-DCH drivers about two years after the official support end of the last non-DCH version of Windows 10, which was 1803. The last drivers being released as “Standard” were from r472, so 472.84 (Studio) and 472.12 (Game Ready).

My suggestion would be to update your Windows to at least LTSC 2019 which reflects v1809 and use DCH drivers.

But how you do that exactly without the need for a complete re-install of your setup might be better to ask from some Microsoft channels.


Thanks for the clarification and suggestion Markus.

We are going to update Windows to >LTSC 2019. We first tested on a VM and it seems we can keep our applications after the update procedure.

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