GMSL Camera fail on Orin Nano JatPack 5.1.2

hello marco.ferretti,

we’ve recently have some fixes to update deskew algorithm, and also stability fixes for Orin and Xavier series.
please give it a try to update camera firmware with the attachment for verification, Topic268833_JP-512_rce-fw.7z (250.9 KB)
please based-on JP-5.1.2/l4t-r35.4.1 to apply the firmware update.

let me also attach camera firmware with debug flag enabled.
you may apply this debug version firmware to obtain more details.
for instance, Topic268833_JP-512_rce-fw_Debug.7z (254.1 KB)

there’s readme file within the package for the steps to update rce-fw.
you may see-also Topic 260583 for the steps to update rce-fw on Orin NX by running
please check Topic 226574 for the steps to execute a partition flash by on AGX Xavier, or AGX Orin platforms.