GROOT and Isaac Lab Access

Hey team,

Lots of exciting announcements yesterday, but can’t help feel anxiety about the new tools ending up being locked behind closed doors only for select companies to access.

  1. Will Isaac Lab be accessible to public similar to Isaac Sim?
  2. Same question for GROOT
  3. How does Isaac Orbit fit into all of this? (there seems to be many different layers of abstractions now, it can get a bit confusing)
  4. Is there a public roadmap?


Yes, Isaac Lab will be accessible to public similar to Isaac Sim. Isaac Lab will be a single app for robotics learning (instead of using Isaac Gym, OIGE, Orbit).
For GROOT, you can find more info here.
We will share the roadmap in coming weeks.


How does Isaac Orbit fit into all of this?

Orbit is built on top of Isaac Sim to provide a unified and flexible framework for robot learning that exploits latest simulation technologies. In addition to the latest features, Orbit is open source for the developer community to contribute new features back to the framework.

Orbit will evolve into Isaac Lab and continue the open source tradition, while also bringing similar performance such as OIGE and IsaacGym.

You can develop with the latest ORBIT infra now, and later move to IsaacLab.
We expect to provide documentation and utilities for the on-ramp to Isaac Lab.


I have tried the Gym and it works fine.
But when I tried to install Isaac Lab, there is a problem with vscode…
May I know when is the release date of the GROOT using Isaac Lab?


Hi @AK51 - Isaac Lab release is out along with Isaac Sim 4.0 release

Dear rthaker,

Thanks for your info. I have installed IsaacLab, and I am playing with it right now. I think GROOT has not be released yet…

Will Groot replace cortex in the future?

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I have installed IsaacLab, does it mean I don’t need sim, gym and orbit?