GSML Camera integration with ROS

Hello ,

I am currently using Leopard Imaging LI-AR0231 camera. Is there a possibility of integrating this camera with ROS and publish images without using DrivePX 2 ? If yes please guide me with the further steps ?


Dear sanchit.patra,

Can I know what ‘without using DrivePX2’ means?
If ‘without using DrivePX2’means that your trying to use your gmsl camera with a PC (e.g. via some gmsl-to-usb adapter),

  1. NVIDIA SDK scope is DPX2, and ROS instructions that we shared cover only our platform.
  2. As of now, NV does not have any plans to port/simulate nvmedia camera API on PC.
  3. There is a USB video class camera capture node present in the upstream ROS, which runs on PC.

Hi sanchit.patra,

Would you please provide those information then we can help to move this issue forward?
Or this is not an issue now?



Its not an issue now .

Thank You