GTX 2070 Super fan 0 is not controllable

A few days ago, when I booted up my computer my GTX 2070 Super card fan 0 is running at full speed. I check the settings in nvidia-settings and it is showing fan 0 has a 0 speed. If I try to manually change it nothing changes. I can manually control fan 1. I do not have a Windows device to troubleshoot the issue on, so Nvidia support sent me here. It seems like a hardware issue, but if you have any other ideas let me know.

Sounds like the speed sensor of the fan is broken or its cable.

Is that something I can fix or does it need to be sent in for warranty service?

I guess you’ll have to send it in. Otherwise you’d have to get a matching replacement fan (which is difficult to impossible, vendor specific part). disassemble the graphics card, replace fan and reassemble which requires some profound knowledge.