Headless Jetson AGX Orin devkit get blocked automatically after some time

I use the Jetson AGX Orin devkit in headless configuration. The host is a Macbook and I have a Linux VM with Parallels.
Both ssh link on wlan0 and screen session using the serial port are not working after a few minutes of usage. Reboot needed.
Do you have any idea what’s the issue and how to solve this?
Thank you!

The Mac, when running natively (not Linux), should be capable of ssh. Do you lose access only when using the VM, or do you lose access also when running the native Mac o/s? What you’re describing could easily be a pass-through issue of the VM. There is a huge difference between the serial port failing natively compared to failing to a VM.

Unfortunately, I lose also ssh on wlan0 or screen on serial port on native macOS not only VM.

If the wlan0 of the Mac is lost, then that is unrelated to the Jetson. If the wlan0 of the Jetson fails, then that is the fault of the Jetson. Serial console allows monitoring this even during most system failures, and would be invaluable to debugging this. Can you log in via serial console to the Jetson and monitor “dmesg --follow”, and note any Jetson logs that occur when ssh connects or fails? You mentioned serial port, but it is unclear if serial port is failing versus if you observed this from serial port (in which case you might be saying it is the Jetson failing wlan0). Serial port failure is yet another issue, and is usually much more serious if it is due to the Jetson end.

Regardless, knowing if the Jetson’s network is set up by wired connection to a switch/router, versus Wi-Fi, would be important to know. Anything you can provide in the topology of the network setup would be useful.

I tried to connect a monitor to the Jetson, and then when ssh or screen from the Mac it works without breaking the link.
Therefore, I am using it this way.
Thanks for the support.

Note that most Linux, in general, including Ubuntu (not just Jetsons), will only configure Wi-Fi if a user is logged in to the GUI. If the network loss is related to Wi-Fi, and not wired, then this is probably having the monitor and login will work.

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