Heatsink disassembly


We are trying to assemble the Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin Development Kit into a Driverless Car, and have 70mm of height available for the computer. To reduce the height of the assembly and improve the cooling (The air can get to 45c) we looked into liquid cooled solutions, but can’t figure out whether the heat sink is removable from the Jetson AGX Orin Module.

Does that screw hold the heat sink, or is it glued?

We would like to determine whether this solution is compatible.:

Thanks for your help

Hi, please check with vendor for possible solution. Devkit is not for product, this kind of use case is not supported. For other info please refer to module datasheet and TDG in DLC.

The vendor is not sure either, but I’m assuming it uses some thermal conductive glue that can be removed. The hole position matches perfectly and they seem separate components.

We will try and post the results

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