How do I implement a paper in Omniverse?

How do I implement a paper in Omniverse? An example:
I am assuming I do it with a solver plugin that I should write myself. But, is there any nuance when it comes to the efficient use of RTX cards in Omniverse?
What are the common practices?

Hi @utku_oguzman! I appreciate you reaching out to us. I reached out to the Physics Team to help! I will get back to you as soon as I have more information!

Hi there,

A good way to implement physics simulation is through OmniGraph nodes (sometimes we call these deformers), these can write vertex outputs that drive a USD mesh primitive. OmniGraph nodes can be written in C++ or Python as part of your own Kit extension.

Right now there are some bottlenecks with passing data through USD, but we are working on fast GPU-interop to avoid these, and OmniGraph will take advantage of this automatically in future versions.

I would recommend taking a look at the OmniGraph documentation for help getting started with your own nodes:


Thank you for your answer.
If I would want to integrate the library of Project Chrono ( to do, say, Tracked Vehicle, with OmniGraph, is there an obstacle on my way?
What if I want to integrate DualSPHysics ( Is there any obstacle for it?
If not, I will start looking at it.