Start Omniverse-simulation from Python

My goal is to avoid collisions while randomly placing USDs in space. I therefore want to add Physics to the SyntheticData Sample Application ( Under guidance of everything went well.
I am now struggling to start the simulation and run it for a few steps before extracting the ground-truth-data within Python. Is there a way to manage this without the need of using the UI?

Thanks in advice

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Hi thn,

yes, you should be able to do that.
We will have more examples on this in our next release.


I am also quite interested in this, specifically a light-weight python script to load only my simulation environment and handle all object creation and robot control and everything from a Python script without ever having to touch the GUI. I tried a few things given the current example code but have not found a good solution yet.

Hi Adam,

Thanks, we know that this is a favorable workflow for many roboticist.
The plan is to be covered in the next release.