How do you use the NX Pinmux Excel Document?

Is there any help on how to use the excel document (Jetson_Xavier_NX_Pinmux_Configuration_Template_v1.06.xlsm)?

When I select the ‘Generate DT file’ pushbutton in the document (without changing anything), I get a ‘Error 52: Bad file number or number’ when it tries to save.

Am I missing something that needs to be installed?

Additional Info:
If I select debug, I see the error is with the PinmuxFilePath. Where is this defined and how do I correct this issue?

hello smcentee,

I’ve never seen this before, and the marco to create dtsi files for Xavier NX pinmux spreadsheets works normally from my side.
since it create dtsi file and add them to the same directory, assume there’s invalid path name for creating/writing files.

for quick testing,
you may try moving spreadsheet to elsewhere and try again.

I’ve tried running this spreadsheet on Ubuntu using LibreOffice, as well and running it in Excel under Windows, and I get a similar error in both cases.

What I am doing is, start the doc in LibreOffice and without changing anything, I press the Generate DT File button. I immediately get the error.

I’m not sure what else to try…

hello smcentee,

I was testing it under Window10 Pro and it works normally.

Could you send me an example of a completed spreadsheet so I can compare it with mine? I’m not sure why mine is not working.


hello smcentee,

please re-download it via…

Thank you. I was able to re-download it and now it works.

Thanks again!

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