How does the contact sensor work?

In the process of using contact sensors, it is found that adjusting the radius of the sensor has a great correlation to the sensitivity of the measurement. Is this related to the principle of calculating force by contact sensors? What do the three orthogonal rings of the contact sensor represent?How is the definition of the contact force of a contact sensor?How do contact sensors determine when objects are in contact? How should the values of the contact sensor parameters be adjusted in use?

Thanks for help.

Hello there! The rings are to denote the spherical region where contacts will count towards the contact sensor - Imagine a physical contact sensor on a rigid body - There’s a limited region on where contacts will affect it (the surface area of the sensor itself only).

The intersection between that sphere and the rigid body surface is the only place there contacts on the rigid body in simulation that will count towards the sensor output. If your entire body is the sensor, then you can set the sphere radius to -1, effectively disabling the region clipping.