How to configure Switch-2 (88Q6113) network port roles (primary/secondary)

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It is documented in Network Configuration | NVIDIA Docs that port roles for Switch 2 (88Q6113) are set to “secondary” but it is expected for various sensors/Lidars for the switch ports to be in Primary role.

Could you share/provide a way to configure/update the roles from Secondary to Primary?

Some additional context on discussing port configuration are Network Switches Port Roles Appear Incorrect - #16 by dharmateja.kadem .

Currently, the capability to configure or modify the port roles is not supported. Could you please provide more insights or practical use cases that necessitate this change? As far as I’m aware, you have already made inquiries through your NVIDIA representative regarding this matter. Has this been tracked or addressed in any ongoing discussions?

VickNV, the use case is to be able to connect sensors that expect the switch to be in primary role (and is not configurable to be set otherwise). This otherwise renders these connections unusable for anything that doesn’t match the role.

Could you confirm which sensor listed as supported in the following pages fall into this category?

Please note that reconfiguring the port role might necessitate firmware rebuilding, which is not currently supported.

Vick, yes, we are looking at Luminar Iris that is listed in the Hyperion sensor list as well as the ecosystem with “Coming later” comment. It is not possible to set this LIDAR in primary mode.

As per the current information, the mentioned LiDAR is not compatible with the current release. I’d recommend choosing a LiDAR listed as compatible on those pages.

Is the reason for “not compatibility” just the lack of network port role configuration, or you see other concerns?

Would you consider checking with your team possibility to enable setting the port role - I would imagine this would be something generally useful for various or users and other use-cases to have this flexibility.

Briefly looking at Marvell switch docs for (88Q6113) and platforms build on this switch - this looks like part of their supported features.

‘Not compatible’ means the development and testing have not been finalized for use. Currently, adjusting the port role requires firmware rebuilding, which is beyond the scope of SDK and forum support.

It would be beneficial to contact your NVIDIA representative to discuss the possibility of using the upcoming LIDAR.

I’ll give it a last try on clarifying “reconfiguring the port role might necessitate firmware rebuilding” as you used wording “might” in previous message when asking for the use case. Would you able to confirm “might” as “must” before we close this topic.

Otherwise we can conclude and thank you for your time and support!

Indeed, reconfiguring the port role mandates modifying and building the firmware. I apologize for any ambiguity in my earlier response.

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