How to connect pixhawk cube with Jetson AGX Xavier

Hello, for an uav project we want to connect a pixhawk 2.1 cube to the Jetson AGX Xavier. So we tried to connect it through the uart TX and RX in the header pin out of the nvidia (number 8 and 10 and also the gnd on 6) but when we look at the dmesg on the jetson it doesn’t seems to detect the pixhawk. The pixhawk is plugged to another computer to be powered.

Hi, the pins you chose is UART1 port. For Jetson, UART1 is just a standard UART port, you need to check with vendor of cube for how to detect.

Thanks ! We are going to look on the pixhawk forum.

Hi ,Were you able to successfully connect Pixhawk Orange Cube with AGX Xavier, Can you please guide in the right direction ?