How To Create Light Source in C++ Connect Sample

Greetings, I am Salvin here. Is there any method to convert this python code below to C++? Because I am planning to implement the code below in Connect Sample file. Or is there any guide to embed the python code in C++ code. Kindly guide me on this issue. Thanks in advance.

attributes={‘intensity’: 1000, ‘texture:format’: ‘latlong’})

attributes={‘length’: 100.0, ‘radius’: 5, ‘intensity’: 30000})

Hi @salvinravindran. If the goal is to create a Connector, then you will want to use the USD API directly instead of omni.kit.commands. You can refer to the OpenUSD documentation for that: Universal Scene Description: UsdLuxDomeLight Class Reference

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Thanks @mati-nvidia . It was useful.

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