How to crop jetson's ubuntu system?

jetson’s eemc only has 16 gigabytes of capacity, which makes it impossible to fully install OS and sdkmanager.

Is there a way to trim some of the unnecessary features of jetson os to make it smaller?For example, crop a graphical interface?

HI @blstcvLiu

Last time I checked, on 16gb it was possible to install everything as it needs up to 15gb, but maybe this margin is giving you some trouble?

You can try removing stuff after flashing the board, for example, you can remove packages you will not use, for example (please check):

sudo apt remove -y libreoffice* thunderbird*
sudo apt autoremove -y

This might free up to 0.5GB of space.

I don’t really know your context, but another option could be to create a custom image for you image using a Yocto Image by using the meta-tegra layer. Yocto is a project that lets you create a custom Linux distribution only with the things you need on it.

For example for the Jetson Xavier NX, you can follow these steps to create the image:

And then use the following ones to flash the board with that created image.

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@blstcvLiu you might also be interested to check out this Guide To Minimizing Jetson Disk Usage:

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