How to feed data to virtual sensor in Driveworks?


My team is trying to build an autonomous vehicle simulation. We are planning to use Nvidia Drive PX Pegasus hardware on our vehicle. Which means we are going to use software build on top of Nvidia Driveworks. To test our software, our team is building a HILS (hardware-in-the-loop simulation) closed-loop system.

To simulate real traffic, we are using CARLA. We are trying to use virtual sensors from CARLA and feed the data to the virtual sensors in Driveworks software but we have not been successful because the virtual sensors in Nvidia Driveworks read from a static file. This is not ideal because it wouldn’t simulate real life as the data from the sensor can change (i.e. not static).

Is it possible to change the file read by Nvidia Driveworks’ virtual sensor while it is running? Or is there another way to update the static file with new data and then re-read it when using Nvidia Driveworks virtual sensors?

We have tried both appending new data to the static file and replacing the file when new we get new data from CARLA virtual sensor, but to no avail.

Thank you,

Simulation Team
Advanced Robotics Research Laboratory
Bandung Institute of Technology