How to install grub and plymouth and enter uefi boot menu? (Jetpack 5.0)

same as title

Sorry for the late response, our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks

and when jetson board is booting there is no screen output at all until gdm3
i never see a company will release uefi/bios without screen output (even beta/testing version of UEFI/BIOS)
nvidia is first one i see

By checking with internal team, we support extlinux.conf and not grub. sorry for that,

grub can be manually installed
and plymouth?
and when can we enter uefi without uart?

No support for plylmouth in this release now.

And need the uart to enter uefi.

druing booting screen have no output
but what thing loaded then screen have output?
and need uart to enter uefi will be fixed?
and can nvidia fix this with rolling release (ota)?

Kernel is loaded so the screen comes.

and need uart to enter uefi will be fixed

This probably won’t.

this cause other system can’t work (beacause you can’t see anything)
please this is so basic
even rpi can have uefi without needing uart

i successful to use grub boot menu instead of extlinux
please nvidia that is not hard at all (NOT AT ALL)

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