How to install overlay package (fixes a bug related to UART receiving data in the L4T 35.3.1 release.)

My problem is the same as it , and I may find a solution in this answer .

"Please help updating to R35.3.1 and apply the following overlay package for AGX Orin devkit. Jetson Linux 35.3.1 | NVIDIA Developer "

But I don’t know how to install the overlay package: overlay_usb_35.3.1.tbz2
I extracted the following file:


請問哪裡不懂? 不知道檔案要抓去哪裡?

I have already applied Jetpack 5.1.1, which is R35.3.1, but I still have the same issue, so I would like to try installing this patch.
I don’t know how to use the extracted files. Is it directly moved to a certain path, or is it installed using any command?

It is just installed to your BSP directory and replace some old files. But I don’t think your issue is related to this overlay…
UART serial console has nothing to do with usb.

直接解壓縮到你的bsp folder然後蓋掉舊的檔案. 但我不覺得你的問題跟這個overlay有關聯…

UART 跟usb完全是不相干的兩個介面…

My problem is that the ttyACM0 port is missing. Installing this overlay may solve my problem. Based on the other community questions I mentioned.

Do you prefer explanation in Mandarin or English?

This really needs some clarification about this. Otherwise you may just waste your time…

The post link you shared didn’t resolve issue by using overlay file either…

I still prefer English, so that other people with the same problem can understand it more easily.


Please clarify

  1. Are you using NV devkit or custom board?

  2. Which port are you using and you expect that is “/dev/ttyACM0”?


  1. 請問你用的是NV devkit還是 客製化的底板?

  2. 請問你目前使用哪一個port然後你預期它會是/dev/ttyACM0?

Because my environment is already R35.3.1, I see that there are additional files below that may solve my problem.


My suggestion here is please reply the question first and I will tell you whether your issue would be fixed by the overlay firmware or not.
No need to rush in applying that overlay.

我這裡的建議是你可以先把我的問題回覆完. 然後我才能回答你這個問題到底有沒有辦法透過那個overlay解決.

  1. Using the official AGX Orin 64G developer kit

  2. I also need to use ttyACM0 and ttyUSB0 to connect the drone, but there is currently no ttyACM0 available

I also need to use ttyACM0 and ttyUSB0 to connect the drone

This does not reply the question. My question here is which “port” you are using physically on the carrier board. Type C port or micro usb port…
You don’t need to repeat you cannot see /dev/ttyACM0. I knew that from the beginning.

你這裡沒有回答到我的問題. 我這裡是指說你是用你底板上的哪一個port. 物理上的port… 哪一種接口… usb type C 還是micro usb port…
不用一直跟我說你看不到/dev/ttyACM0. 這個我從一開始就知道了


I tried to connect using ttyTHS0, but it didn’t work.
The DJI development document mentions ttyACM0, so I’m wondering if that’s the reason.


If you are using that pin, then I can guarantee you that your issue has nothing to do with the usb overlay…
That pin is totally not usb related thing to jetson. So usb firmware 100% won’t make anything difference.

The forum link you are referring to is not related to UART either. It is just because the type C port and uart port all become /dev/ttyACM0 on host PC side… that is why you got mislead.

What is the usecase here? You connect this UART1_TX/RX to another drone device?

如果你是使用40pin上面的uart pin. 我可以跟你保證你的問題跟這個overlay完全無關
那個overlay是usb firmware更新 對jetson而言你在用的東西完全是UART. 跟USB一點關係都沒有
你參考的那個forum post也不是在講UART. 因為Orin devkit上面的usb port跟 uart pin跑到host 端上面生成的node都叫做/dev/ttyACM0. 你才會以為自己的問題跟那個topic有相關

請問這裡的usecae是什麼? 你把uart接去drone之類的裝置嗎

Also, the /dev/ttyACM0 discussed in this forum are most serial console interface…
That is why we need to clarify your usecase…

另外, 這個forum上通常在討論的/dev/ttyACM0都是serial console…

I am using the DJI Onboard SDK adapter board, which connects the drone with the development board through UART for communication

What are you referring to here? This one?


請問你現在嘗試做的是哪一個步驟? 是上面那個title的步驟嗎?

Yes, the UART has been connected through pin according to the instructions, but it keeps showing that it cannot be connected when running the example

I am ready to take a break, and you also need to take an early break. Thank you very much for patiently answering my questions

Shall we discuss this again during the day when we are free


I still need to clarify some points here

  1. Do you expect this /dev/ttyACM0 comes on jetson side or your drone side? Because every post you shared or referred on this forum is all asking about /dev/ttyACM0 on the host PC side. But your document seems to expect /dev/ttyACM0 on jetson side…

  2. If you expect jetson side to have /dev/ttyACM0, then you may need to install some drivers from DJI… this node won’t just come out with no reason…


  1. 請問你預期/dev/ttyACM0要生成在jetson這端還是你drone的那端? 因為你在這個forum上參考的所有post, /dev/ttyACM0都是host PC ↔ jetson連結的時候, host PC那端會生成的東西. 但現在你的文件看起來你好像是預期/dev/ttyACM0會出現在jetson這端…

  2. 如果你預期/dev/ttyACM0要在jetson端生成, 那你應該是需要安裝DJI額外的driver… 因為這個東西不會莫名出現在我們的機器上面…