How to resolve the flash of tx2 nx is too small?

Can I flash the image in the udisk or m2 hard disk?

Hi AlfredNG,

Please reference document “Flashing to an NVME Drive” steps to flash on your TX2-NX.

After boot up, please remember to set boot-order to NVMe from uboot. (Need connect uart on your Jetson board).

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I see there is " Flashing to a USB Drive". Dose TX2-NX support this function?

If “tx2-series” is not listed on it, then it is no support.

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My carrier is P3450. It seem to no ssd slot?

Looks like you pick up a wrong carrier board here.

My carrier board is B01 not B02. Can Tx2-Nx use it?

No, that’s not supported,