How to set TX2 in recover mode by software command?

hi There,
before backup or recover TX2 image, I have to put TX2 in recover mode, may I know is there any command i can set recover mode in script? without the command I cannot automatically backup or restore by script.

Try “sudo reboot --force forced-recovery”. Beware that if you start a flash with this, and if that flash fails, then you will not be able to go into recovery mode again without physical access.

linuxdev, thanks, you have a update for r32.3.1 tx2 please?

As far as I know the same command line “sudo reboot --force forced-recovery” works in recent releases, but I am not where I can test for R32.3.1. If you happen to already have an R32.3.1 install it should be a fast test, and if this fails, then I’d say it is a bug in need of reporting here.


I tested in a TX2 running R32.3.1, it worked correctly.

Greivin F.

It appears to work, but there are really no messages on the serial console to indicate that it is working, works just fine after using “sudo reboot --force forced-recovery”

Serial console itself won’t be able to put out any text if the driver isn’t initialized, and recovery mode won’t have that ability until there has been some minor download to the Jetson (this used to be called the “3pserver”, I’m not sure if it is still this). The definitive test is if lsusb shows the recovery mode device.

Long ago, even after U-Boot was used instead of fastboot, fastboot was still downloaded during flash. The purpose of this was to act as a minimal/mini operating system kernel even though it never flashed to eMMC. Once has downloaded this mini kernel it becomes possible to load serial UART drivers, and it seems unlikely that recovery mode has ROM-based drivers prior to download from the outside world. After those serial UART drivers are installed serial console has the possibility of working should there be output.