How to set wlan0 and eth0 at the same time for Hokuyo Lidar

Hello, I am currently using a TX1 and not a TK1. However, the issue I have with the Hokuyo LIDAR seems universal so I am posting my problem here as well. As stated on the topic title, I want to know how to set wifi and ethernet connection for the Hokuyo Lidar at the same time. I installed the bridge-utils application, but I have yet to see it work. Here is a summary of what I have so far.

The Hokuyo LIDAR is connected via the ethernet port of the Tx1 and is connected as eth0.
The LIDAR can be assigned any IP address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway via the UrgBenri tool.
The LIDAR seems to work fine with the wifi on my laptop PC, but the Lidar cannot work simultaneously with the wifi on the Tx1.
When the LIDAR works on my laptop PC, the IP address for both the LIDAR Ethernet port and wifi is 192.168.0.XX. (XX is assigned different numbers for the two however.)
When I type ifconfig, I can see the local loopback with the eth0 and wlan0 connection.
The only difference between the laptop PC and the Tx1 is this local loopback.
This is why I suspect I need to shut off the local loopback with ifconfig lo down to make eth0 work because I am guessing that there seems to be an address conflict between the local loopback and the LIDAR.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi gotenkscha,

It seems that you also add comments in below topic, and needs your inputs to continue.

Let’s only follow up from that one - topic 946324.