How to use seeeduino XIAO in jetson nano

I want to use seeeduino (not i2c but ​serial communication)
in jetson nano.

So,I tried to install Additional Boards Manager of XIAO.

I looked at this site and tried.

But, I got a warning when I was installing Seeed SAMD Boards and I can’t install it.

tool bossac is not available for your operating

So, I want to know if there is a solution.

I have no knowledge of the software, and have no ability to answer. However, if I run this command I do see some software which could be installed:
apt search bossac

What it shows is:

bossa-cli/bionic 1.3~20120408-5.1 arm64
  Atmel SAM ARM microcontroller flash programming utility

So perhaps if this software is what is missing, then you might be able to install via:

sudo apt-get install bossa-cli

I have no idea if this would help or not, but it might be worth researching.

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