I can't connect to Localhost

I had to reinstall Omniverse because some things quit working. When I did, I haven’t reinstalled Nucleus. Is that required to connect to LocalHost?

I was able to do this before.


Yes. You need to install Nucleus for localhost to work.

Nucleus is important because it is the database that offers the fundamental services that allow a variety of client applications, renderers, and microservices all to share and modify representations of virtual worlds together using USD.


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OK. I will reinstall it. I was thinking ‘Collaboration? I am a team of 1’.


Absolutely! Yes, Nucleus is extremely important when it comes to collaboration, but it is also the powerhouse behind USD!

And a team of 1 can be very powerful using Omniverse!

Hello. I’m using a VPN connection and can’t connect to
Cannot connect to System Monitor Backend.

All other applications and sites work without problems.
News and programs in the NVIDIA Omniverse Launcher Library update without errors. I reinstalled Nucleus and still can’t access http://localhost:8080/omniverse://
Can’t access site

Can you please tell me what else can I do to make it work?

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