Identify AGX vs NX vs NANO by looking at the SOM's

Hello. I was given 3 ORIN SOM’s. One is AGX, one is NX, one is Nano.

They are not labelled and do not come in a box. How can I tell which one is which?

I think the Nano has the SD card slot, the other two do not.
How can I identify these?

  1. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
    This one has the SD card slot. Is this Nano?

  2. Imgur: The magic of the Internet - AGX or NX ?

  3. Imgur: The magic of the Internet - AGX or NX ?


You mean AGX Orin, Orin NX, and Orin Nano?
They are definitely not AGX Orin, as it’s much bigger and does not come in this shape.
If it comes with an SD card slot, then it’s an Orin Nano.


I need to identify which one is Orin NX. Can you tell?

I don’t feel like it’s possible to tell them without serial numbers. They are all P3767 and the SoC is basically identical.
Or find a DevKit, attach the module onto it, and the flashing process would tell you the answer.

Anyway, none of them is AGX Orin.

AGX modules are bigger and don’t have an edge connector. None of your modules are AGX modules.

Orin NX modules have pin 217 floating (not connected to anything). All other modules in this form factor have pin 217 tied to ground.

Orin NX and Orin Nano have got a differential pair on pins 227 and 229. You may see symmetrical routing under a microscope. On older modules the signals are independend fron each other and do not form a differential pair.

The presence of an uSD slot is not enough. All older modules before Orin Generation are available as production version (EMMC fitted) and as development version (uSD slot fitted). In the current generation only Orin Nano is available as development (uSD) version. Production versions of Orin Nano and NX don’t have EMMC storage fitted. You should see empty footprints for EMMC and uSD slot instead.

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