Import as NLA Strip leads to the flash back of Blender

I have successfully added voice and expression to the human head model as shown in Audio2Face. Then I exported the maya cashe. When I try to click the button named as Import as NLA Strip and select the .mc (maya cashe) file, the Blender always automatically flash back. Is it a bug or how to solve the problem? Looking forward to your reply.
the maya cashe file is shown in below: (16.3 MB)

I have tried import the .xml file in Maya, and the head model disappears from the zeroth frame and reappears later (nearly hundreds of frames later) . Maya prompts message that there’re unsupported nodes and the cache is forbidden for the safety of the software.
Maybe my exported maya cache is incorrect? It is strange that when I imported the model in .usda file, the model was not in the center of the view in the first and cost me a lot time to find and adjust it to add voice and expression.
Here is my .usda file exported by Blender through MOCAP:
comane_fixed.usda (1.2 MB)