Inconsistent behaviour in realtime, path-traced mode, simulation and render

I’m trying out the blast extension and I noticed the blast results are different when viewed from realtime and path-traced mode, and same goes for when rendering.
Path-traced mode tends to have a more explosive blast effect than when in realtime. Also the timing is different in both modes. For example a rock is blasted at frame 20 in realtime (By applying a force field), but in path-traced, it gets blasted at frame 10.
Also when running the simulation in workspace, the result is also different from rendering.

Is this a norm? Or is there any way to make all the modes behave similarly? Because right now the issue I’m having is when everything seems ok in realtime mode, but when rendered in path-traced everything goes haywire. Please advise, thanks.

Hi, any advice on this? Also when running frames before start and actual rendering produce different results. I thought this may be a way to preview result but it’s not consistent as well. This happens when ‘Enable motion blur’ is activated. This is quite frustrating since simulation works ok in every mode but after hours of path traced rendering you realized the result is different.

Ok I found the answer in physics settings here: Physics Core — Omniverse Extensions documentation

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