Problem while rendering in the Path Tracing mode

Hi there! I’m having a big problem while rendering in the path trace mode, usually after a few frames, it randomly get cropped to 1810x757 while it supposed to be 1920x1080, I really don’t know what to do cause all my render is ending up like this.

I’m using windows 10, version 2022.3.0

Hello @aliaguero1616! I’ve pasted this over to the dev team for more help.

What is your current GPU / GPU Driver?

Thank you! I’m using RTX 3070, Driver Version: 526.98

Same story.

Hello @aliaguero1616 & @magazinnikov! You found a bug! +10 Omniverse Community Points to both of you! The development team is working on a fix. They did suggest a possible reason why this is happening:

One possible reason is that the viewport resolution gets changed during capture, like the customer resized the window unintentionally. Movie capture just sets the resolution at the beginning of the capture, and doesn’t check and reset it afterwards.

They are on it! Thanks for reporting this!