Installation failed on Windows 11 WSL2 with Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS

Hi guys,

Looking at the log, the installation failed because the distro download failed.

[2024-02-14 09:37:35.819] [info] (download-util) downloadFile() xxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\ubuntu-jammy-wsl-arm64-wsl.rootfs.tar.gz distro_download_progress
[2024-02-14 09:37:35.819] [info] (download-util) \ubuntu-jammy-wsl-arm64-wsl.rootfs.tar.gz: STARTED
[2024-02-14 09:37:36.224] [info] (download-util) \ubuntu-jammy-wsl-arm64-wsl.rootfs.tar.gz: FAILED

The link looks wrong, correct link should be

Is this a known issue?


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I was able to resolve this issue by first manually installing the WSL Distro.

  1. Download the latest image from the link you provided.
  2. Create local directory for installation, e.g. “C:\NVIDIA-Workbench”
  3. Install with wsl --import NVIDIA-Workbench C:/NVIDIA-Workbench C:/Users/$xxxxx/Downloads/ubuntu-jammy-wsl-amd64.rootfs.tar.gz

Application still fails due to non-existent home directory for user workbench.

  1. Login to the Distro: wsl -d NVIDIA-Workbench
  2. Inside the Distro, add the user+home: useradd -m workbench.

This got me past the initial failure.

Edit: The application still hangs at bundling artifacts. Seems that nvmb-cli cannot install hooks due to default shell not being supported.

This is a known issue resulting from a mismatch in the URL and filename.

We are working to resolve now and will update you when it is fixed.

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This issue with the URL has been resolved. The installation on Windows should work now.

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