Installation GTX 1060 on my laptop


I just buy my laptop, an OS free computer, and I try to make my hraphic card work.
I am on Windows 10 and my computer is a Lenovo Y720.

I install the driver on Lenovo support page and when I go to the “device manager” page on windows the Nvidia card is not properly recognize. cf : “Code 43 error”

Is there a solution to make it work at least on windows?

Perhaps you should ask lenovo

Windows 10 should already be able to find a driver for your GPU.

Ok I will try with Lenovo. But a last question, Will I be able to install cuda drivers and use it if I only install Windows 10 default driver?

The windows 10 default driver for a GTX 1060 in a laptop should work fine with CUDA 8, without installing any other driver.

For CUDA 9, the driver that comes bundled with the CUDA 9 Win 10 insttaller should work with your laptop GPU.

I can’t speak to Lenovo published drivers.

Since your laptop is almost certainly an optimus implementation, you may want to read up on what the implications of that are. There are plenty of questions here on these forums about optimus/CUDA behavior, as well as official optimus documentation. Google is your friend.

Ok I will try to use Windows 10 default driver and cuda 8.

I already post questions on Lenivo forum, but most of the time the final solutions is wait for NVIDIA to solve the compatibility on the next driver …