Installation of Cuda 9.0 for RTX 2060 Super

I have been trying to install Cuda for a quite a few hours now. I need it for GPU support in Deep Learning Studio (Deep Cognition).
Deep Learning Studio says “GPU not supported”.

What I had installed was: Visual Studio 2019, Cuda 9.0, current Geforce Experience (Version 441.66) and Deep Learning Studio on Windows 10
When reinstalling DLS and Cuda, the Cuda installer said “this graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware”, so i searched and found that I need to unclick “install graphics driver”, because the driver that comes with Cuda 9 is too old for a RTX 2060 Super. So I did that and reinstalled everything.

I wanted to try Samples from Cuda now, so I went into the folder and found that there were only samples for VS 2017 and older, so i uninstalled VS 2019 and reinstalled everything again with VS 2017.
When I open the samples now (deviceQuery_vs2017.sln in my case) and try to run it, it shows tons of errors with the codes: E1696, E0282, E0020, and many more.
It seems that it can’t open something.
Maybe I have to copy something in PATH or something like that. I don’t know about that stuff.

Also when installing Cuda, at the end it says:
“graphics driver: Version: 385.54, Status: Not selected”
My Geforce Experience has the driver Version 441.66.

I also read the official installation guide for CUDA by Nvidia, but it doesn’t help.
Could you maybe give me foolproof instructions on how you would install Cuda 9.0 for an RTX 2060 Super on a fresh install of Windows 10 (so including installing Visual Studio and other programs which you need)?
I am really having trouble installing GPU support for DLS. I would be very thankful for help.

And I have a question about the whole installation process: Why is this so hard and not a simple installation like programs that run on the CPU (like Deep Learning Studio with CPU support)?

Installing CUDA, then uninstalling VS2019 and installing VS2017 won’t work.

The VS you intend to use needs to be installed before you install CUDA.

Thank you for the reply.

I reinstalled Cuda multiple times, also after installing VS2017, because I thought that it “connects” to VS when installing.
So that can’t be the problem.

I also tried to uninstall everything (Cuda, DLS, VS, Geforce Experience) and reinstall it again (order: Geforce Exp, VS, DLS, which also starts Cuda installation)

After searching for a few more hours I found this:

This website explains that I should install manually two files from CUDAVisualStudioIntegration, which is in the temporary folder during the CUDA installation.
So I followed his instructions and found out, that these two files
shown in this image:
were missing! I also checked if my anti virus accidentally deleted them and I also disabled my anti virus and tried installing it again, but these files are not there!
What is also missing is the “extras” folder.

How can I get those missing files now? Is it possible that they are not there because the CUDA installer doesn’t find the GPU initially (and that’s why i unchecked the “graphics driver” in the CUDA installer so I can keep the new Geforce driver for my 2060)?

By the way, I removed VS2017 and installed VS2015 now (as in the instructions on that website). I also made sure C++ v140 was installed.

CUDA works now for me.
I had to download the local installer, and then I could follow the instructions of that website.